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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Georgia Tech

One way or another, you need a drink

Bear Chase Brewing Company offers room to spread out and enjoy beer, wine and cider during the coronavirus pandemic

Another Saturday, another loss, as we saw against Pitt. But now the Syracuse Orange football team is back in action this weekend for a home game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. And while they’re not favored, the Orange seem to have a better chance to win this one than either of the first tow games this season.

Though you can’t tailgate and head to the Dome, you can still enjoy some beers before, during and after this noon ET kickoff from home. We share some selections for you as well, if you’d like to drink to a theme. At least one of these is going to be very hard to acquire. Sorry in advance.

Georgia Tech Area Beer Pick: Orpheus Truth.Body.Soul.

Know this selection from Orpheus isn’t in the regular rotation as much anymore, but it’s still a great beer from this Atlanta outfit. Orpheus is known for creativity, and we’ve discussed that on the site before. However, this is a standard Double IPA that manages to drink and smell smooth, but finish with more bitter hoppy and piney notes. It’s a great example of the style, pouring gold with some body to it. Tropical flavors also hang around, and hide the 8% ABV a little bit, making you feel like you’re enjoying something much lighter.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Local 315 Brewing Company Touch of Grey

I’m a sucker for a grisette. I’m a sucker for a Grateful Dead reference. This combine the two in a nice little package. Local 315 is a brewery out here in Camillus, and have been around for five years now and Touch of Grey has been a summer stalwart for a few of those years. Grisettes are a farmhouse ale style of beer that have that comfortable alcohol by volume, and familiar tartness that are refreshing on a hot day.

Since we can only stream the game too, you could always take your phone to the brewery and check out some of the nice scenery of the valley off the hill that they’re located on. Overall a great spot to visit.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Cellador Le Con

Cellador continues to excel as what I’d contend is L.A.’s premier blendery, and this one of their many enjoyable offerings. Le Con is barrel-fermented wild ale with apricots, and takes some Belgian inspiration here to make something that’s well rounded and sharp all at once. The apricots come through as much as you’d probably like them too, but short of the sort of beer that feels like it’s going to remove the enamel from your teeth (as some stonefruit sours can). I only bought one bottle of this one earlier this year, but wish I had more. It’s a refreshing and pleasant beverage.


How about you? What are you drinking this weekend?