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Like Syracuse, we get creative with alternate names for the Dome

The place that shall not be named

Western Michigan v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

With the renovations complete and the first Syracuse Orange game this Saturday, it seems like we’ve kind of sort of moved on from the Carrier Dome name without a replacement.

You can’t spend over $100 million dollars on a renovation and then just call it a place or structure so what about some suggestions:

  • The Stadium at the Barnes Center
  • Billy Joel’s Upstate Home
  • The Stadium at Turning Stone
  • Brewster Boland Brockway Ball-field
  • Archbold Remastered
  • Simmons Stadium
  • Jim Boeheim Court on Ernie Davis Legends Field at Jim Brown Stadium
  • The ‘Cuse Coaster
  • New York’s College Stadium
  • Dome Away from Dome
  • The Artist Formerly Known as the Carrier Dome
  • This Doesn’t Belong to Carrier Anymore And We’re Going to Call it This Until They Agree to Walk Away From the Name - Try and Sue Us
  • The House That Jim Boeheim Built
  • Virginia Tech’s House of Horrors
  • Remember That Time We Beat Clemson Here?

Certainly the TNIAAM commentariat has other ideas to put out there. So lend your alternate names below for the next Syracuse press release.