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Troy Nunes is an Absolute LiveCast: Syracuse Orange vs. North Carolina Recap

Andy and Steve break down Saturday’s loss.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina Pool Photo

A 31-6 loss doesn’t inspire much hope, unless your a broken Syracuse Orange fan like Andy and Steve. The two jumped on SportsCastr to recap the Orange’s loss to North Carolina, and dove deep into both sides of the ball, and were optimistic about one side, and not ready to pull the plug on the other. We’ll let you guess which side is which.

For those new around these parts, SportsCastr allows us to air live streamed sports talk anytime, anywhere. Can’t tune in and watch live? Press play below to watch the whole thing when you can!

On this edition of the Nunes LiveCast, the guys talked about:

  • The offensive positives.
  • The defense, which has both of us really excited
  • So the offensive issues... maybe not what you think.
  • Previewing Pitt

These will be taking place every Sunday night at 8 PM ET, so feel free to join in the fun or wait until the following Monday morning for the re-watch above!