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TNIAAM recommends: What newsletters are you reading right now?

Newsletters: Everyone’s doing them

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We’ve made a concerted effort to have these recommendation threads vary from week to week, so this week’s tries its hand at the topic of newsletters. Certainly you subscribe to a few here and there. You may have even subscribed to our own here, before it went on hiatus last year (it may restart at some point, but it’s also a lot of work for questionable value on our end).

Enough about that, though. We want to know what other newsletters you’re reading. Like we’ve done in the past, members of the TNIAAM staff will each share a pick, and then we’ll prompt you to make your own selections. If you missed previous iterations of this article, go check out our recommendations for podcasts, recipes, videos games, music, binge-watching and books.

Steve: PX3’s Free Political Newsletter

I’m more of an RSS feed guy, and try to stay out of the political discourse for the most part, but I had to hat-tip Syracuse grad Justin Robert Young. Young hosts and guests on a few podcasts including Politics, Politics, Politics, Night Attack and once weekly on The Morning Stream, and also sends out this, the only newsletter I actually read. He’s usually got a good actually balanced take on the state of things and is a solid interviewer as well. Also, the newsletter is mostly GIFs and links, with some minor commentary. Usually gives a good, quick recap of anything breaking in the space, and Young happens to be entertaining in general.

Kevin: Extra Points with Matt Brown

In partnership with The Intercollegiate, Matt and others look at the issues facing college sports. From the NIL arguments to coaching search firms this group uses some investigative reporting to dig into topics impacting collegiate athletics. This week. they collaborated with USA Today to expose allegations of abuse within the Texas Tech WBB program, and the newsletter is for those who want a detailed look behind the scenes.

John: Tremendous Upside Potential

The media business has been squeezed considerably since the start of the pandemic, and that’s put a lot of good writers on furlough or out of work completely. However, many of them have taken to off-beat newsletters and found a lot of success with it. Ricky O’Donnell (now back with SBNation after furlough) started this weird idea to try and win with Western Illinois on College Hoops 2K8. He’s since won two national titles and made even more Final Fours. Leatherneck Nation loves Coach Rick, and if you miss college basketball, you’ll enjoy this series a lot here in season 18. If you’d prefer the football version of that, there’s also the similarly-minded Rubber City Dynasty, from Luke Gloeckner.