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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Good and bad of the new ACC football schedule

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Plus, plenty about Duce Chestnut, Syracuse’s newest commitment

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The Syracuse Orange football team was in a pretty solid spot from a schedule perspective in 2020... until the 2020 schedule as we knew it stopped existing. Syracuse went from having a slate that let them over-perform to one that set them up to potentially under-perform relative to the talent on the roster. Not ideal...

Some of the other topics on this episode:

  • Duce Chestnut’s commitment — and importantly, the fantastic video that came with it
  • What’s the bar for “success” in a tougher, truncated season?
  • Can anyone in the SEC beat Alabama this year?
  • Jamie Newman should’ve just went to Oregon
  • #WeAreUnited, and Nick Rolovich overplaying his hand at Wazzu
  • What’s next for Syracuse’s 2021 recruiting class
  • More beer: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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