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NCAA Board of Directors approves additional year of eligibility for fall athletes

In true NCAA fashion, this isn’t as direct as it seems.

Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Last week, we wrote about the recommendations made by the NCAA D1 Council around 2020 Fall student-athletes and their eligibility. NCAA Board of Directors would have to approve any of those recommendations before they took effect, and to little surprise, they voted last Friday.

You can read the full press release on the vote here. In true NCAA fashion, what they leaked out sounded fantastic, but what they implemented had far more strings attached in order to maintain current status quo.

  • The blanket waiver only applies to student athletes who exhausted eligibility in 2020-21. This means 4 year seniors and reshirt seniors will get an additional year in 2021-22, should they choose to come back to school at no impact on a school’s scholarship limits. That means underclassmen will count against scholarship limits, even with their extra year of eligibility.
  • The process will be like what we saw in the spring, where the student-athletes will have an additional year of eligibility, however, the school is under no obligation to match current scholarship aid.
  • The Board of Directors adopted the recommendations prohibiting schools from requiring waivers to participate and any reduction of scholarships for athletes who opt out of the season.

Every ‘Cuse sport will be impacted by these new rules, but looking at the largest sport (football), this means the following athletes could return to the Syracuse Orange in 2021-22 if they wish: Devon Clarke, Rex Culpepper, Kyle Strickland, Abdul Adams, Airon Servais, Josh Black, Nolan Cooney, McKinley Williams, Chris Elmore, Kingsley Jonathan, Patrick Davis, Nykeim Johnson, Aaron Hackett, and Cody Roscoe.