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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: ACC football 2020 season preview, part 2

At least some of what you want to know about all ACC teams (alphabetically) from NC State through Wake Forest.

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Last week, we only touched on half of the ACC and our 2020 conference football preview. So now we get to take on the other half — minus the Syracuse Orange, of course, who will get their own episode next week (as per usual). If you’re interested in every team (alphabetically) from NC State to Wake Forest, you’re in luck.

Some of the other topics on this episode:

  • A bit on Syracuse players’ concerns about testing protocols
  • Does Wake Forest receive too much credit under Dave Clawson?
  • What college basketball needs for a bubble to work
  • We picked a hell of a year to have to play against North Carolina
  • The Big Ten and Pac-12 are pushing off questions about amateurism
  • You’re not going to like this, but Pitt could be pretty good
  • More beer: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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