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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #40, DB Nate Erickson

This new walk-on continues a family tradition

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

We’ve reached the end of this year’s “Get to Know Your Orange Man” series! If you missed any, go ahead and scroll back through via the “Get to Know...” category tag at the top of the page.

Name: Nate Erickson

Position: Defensive Back

Year: Freshman

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Hometown: Greene, NY

High School: Greene

2019 stats: Played quarterback and defensive back at Greene where he was a three-time MVP and two-time first-team All-State selection In his HS career, Nate intercepted nine passes.

2020 projections: Will likely redshirt and help on the scout team this Fall as he acclimates to the college game.

How’d he get here?: Both of Nate’s parents are Orange alums. His father Dan was an offensive lineman for Syracuse from 1986-1990 and his brother Luke was a running back in 2017-18.

What’d recruiting sites say?: They knew the family bonds were too strong for Nate to look anywhere else.

Money quote: Nate lets his actions speak for themselves.

Twitter feed: @nate3erickson

Tweets of wonder: Want to know a fast way to win our heart?

What movie would Dino recommend for him?: We’re going to go with “On the Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando and featuring long-time television actor Leif Erickson. The movie won 8 Oscars and Dino will use the message of standing up for what’s right to help his team to work together for the greater good.

Interesting nugget o’interest: While we mentioned his family’s history above, we didn’t tell you that Nate’s mother Kelly Larkin was a first-team All-American field hockey player for the Orange.

Let’s get a look at ya: We’ve got your Hudl video ready to roll.