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We’ve got some mask ideas for Jim Boeheim

Even Hall of Famers should #WearAMask

Syracuse v Louisville
The scowl can be replicated in mask form
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Earlier this week Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim is ready to go ahead with this season and see his team make a return to the NCAA Tournament.

He’s also said he’s not going to wear a mask on the sidelines this season, but we think the head coach should reconsider that decision. With Boeheim’s risk factor, we want to suggest some potential ideas for the Hall of Famer.

The obvious choice would be a simple orange mask with the Block S because hey why not get the branding out there.

There are more opportunities for creative approaches though. If Boeheim’s worried about being heard while wearing a mask he could get some with these phrases to help convey his message:

“That’s a bad call”

“Pass it to Buddy”


“Switch to Man” (just kidding)

“Take me to Denny’s!” (also kidding)

“1,065 wins and counting”

Now we couldn’t let this opportunity go without leaning into some #jokesandgarbage suggestions. Want to increase the intimidation factor while avoiding a technical foul? How about this?

Want to remind Tom Izzo that you’re not the one to be trifled with? Go with this option

Finally you know that you’re going to face some incredible challenges in the ACC. When those challenges arise you have to say “Cero Miedo” and bring out Pentaheim Jr.

Now let’s see Mike Brey and his 5 o’clock shadow try and top that.