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Big Ten will only play conference football games (per report); What this means for Syracuse

That Rutgers game ain’t happening

Syracuse v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

After the ACC announced earlier on Thursday that no Olympic sports would be competing in games until at least September 1, the B1G is reportedly ready to move football to a conference-only schedule — per a report from The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach.

What does that mean for the Syracuse Orange? First and foremost? Their September 12 game versus Rutgers is off the schedule. Combined with the Patriot League regulations that will more than likely move Colgate off the slate, ‘Cuse could now be looking at two holes to fill on their 2020 schedule.

However, that may not matter. Earlier in the day, John Wildhack alluded to the fact that the ACC is currently investigating multiple options on a safe 2020 football season, which included playing only conference games.

Typically, when one member of the Power Five conferences does something as seismic as this, the rest follow suit. And if the ACC has been discussing this plan, it’s more than likely in motion there as well (and same goes for the other FBS conferences). I had some thoughts on the motivations for this type of scheduling yesterday, and we will certainly keep everyone updated on more news as it is announced.

As far as if/when the Rutgers game gets made up, that’s likely to be decided further down the road. At least John can be happy that Syracuse might get another future scheduling date locked in...