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Syracuse football roster updates: New jersey numbers, plus a departure for 2020

The latest changes for the Orange

Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange football team released a new roster update on Monday, adding the rest of the 2020 signing class and making some updates on jersey numbers.

We’ll be adding these players to the “Get to Know” rotation in the coming weeks. But first a rundown of the adjustments:

New for 2020 (players that weren’t already on campus)

  • No. 98, James Williams (P/K)
  • No. 97, Cody Roscoe (DE)
  • No. 94, Kevin Lemieux (DE)
  • No. 88, Steven Mahar (TE)
  • No. 81, Justin Barron (WR)
  • No. 55, Josh Ilaoa (OL)
  • No. 53, Garth Barclay (OL)
  • No. 36, Ja’Had Carter (DB)
  • No. 35, Damien Alford (WR)
  • No. 35, Chase Atkinson (DB)
  • No. 34, Sean Tucker (RB)
  • No. 32, Marlowe Wax (LB)
  • No. 29, Trebor Pena (WR)
  • No. 28, Ben Labrosse (DB)
  • No. 24, Anwar Sparrow (LB)
  • No. 19, Rob Hanna (DB)
  • No. 16, Leon Lowery (DL)
  • No. 15, JaCobian Morgan (QB)
  • No. 11, Dillon Markiewicz (QB)

Notably, that list doesn’t include the walk-on additions this offseason, but would assume those players not being on scholarship creates an extra hurdle. The non-exhaustive list of walk-ons not currently listed: DE Patrick Alberga, LB Tyler Cook, LB Ryan Dolan, RB Devin Flowrs, QB Luke McPhail and DE Elijah “Bubba” Wright.

Another note from the roster update is the departure of wide receiver Cameron Jordan. On Monday, Cuse Nation received confirmation that Jordan is no longer part of the program. Back in March, the redshirt junior was listed as the team’s starting outside receiver opposite Taj Harris. Jordan’s the latest in a significant list of departures this offseason.

Thoughts? Bummed about Cam? Any numbers you’re surprised by? At least on this side, resident yinzer Andy was disappointed to see Lemieux not pick No. 66.