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Orange Legends: TNIAAM talks with Jovan Miller

The lacrosse legend sat down with Andy Pregler this week for a fantastic conversation.

NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship - Championship Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange lacrosse legend Jovan Miller has never been shy about sharing his opinions. The former All-American Lacrosse Star at Syracuse won two National Titles while suiting up for the Orange, and went pro after school, where he started a boycott of Warrior after an offensive marketing campaign.

Since then, Miller has stayed active on social media, always talking Orange sports and whatever else is on his mind, so Andy and Steve welcomed him on the latest edition of Orange Legends on SportsCastr. In this conversation, they talked (starting at 23:55):

  • About Jovan’s journey to Syracuse over UNC.
  • Being part of a generation of excellence at ‘Cuse.
  • Jovan’s love of traveling
  • His new YouTube series LAXtivism 101

And a ton more about ‘Cuse, race, and the lessons Jovan tries to teach his students today.

Jovan can be reached across just about any social media you want to find him at:

Thanks to Jovan for the conversation.