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Syracuse vs. Georgetown rivalry week Q&A with Casual Hoya

What’s ‘rivalry week’ without talking to these fools?

NCAA Basketball: Maryland - E. Shore at Georgetown Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard already, it’s week one of SB Nation’s Rivalry Week(s). And while we’ve already discussed the Syracuse Orange’s nemesis, the Georgetown Hoyas, we figured it’s worth asking a Hoya a bit more.

So back by (un)popular demand is Casual Hoya, who you may recognize from the other Syracuse blog on SB Nation. Sorry in advance.

First off, how have you been given the current state of the world?

All things considered, not bad! It SUcks not to be able to hang out with friends in bars and watch sports and stuff, but I have found working more from home quite enjoyable! Being able to take a call while in the bathroom is really nice, spending more time outdoors, learning my kids’ names, even started doing yoga! Sure, the pandemic is terrible, but my hope is we can take some of the positives we have collectively experienced over the past few months and use them moving forward. Also, I hate you.

Okay, now that we’re past pleasantries: Are you worried we’re not going to have a 2020-21 college basketball season? Or have Georgetown fans just told themselves you haven’t played basketball since 2015?

Well played. On one hand I’d love to have a college hoops season simply because I have never not had a college hoops season so that would be really weird and quite disheartening and as I have already learned my kids’ names I’m not sure what I would do to pass the time. On the other hand, Georgetown isn’t going to be very good so maybe we should just hit the fast forward button. I’d be really surprised if there isn’t a season, by the way. I’m definitely on the “Yes there are tons of positive COVID cases among the younger set but it’s really not that big of a deal” side of the fence. Test everyone daily if possible, protect the elderly and those that the virus may impact really badly, play without fans until there is a vaccine, that’s all good - but I don’t think shutting everything down for the next 6 months for something that currently has like a 7% positive test rate is the right answer.

I know we always ask this, but how are you feeling about this rivalry right now? Is there any way to improve it without being in the same conference?

Yes. Come back to the Big East so when we beat you it counts as a conference win. Since that isn’t happening anytime soon as you seem content with having a very below average football team without any hope for ever being good and selling your souls to the ACC for money, the rivalry is going to suffer as a result. We still should play every season forever, but it will never be the same unless something is on the line. Perhaps we should create some sort of Trophy that the winning school can possess for the year, kind of like they do in rivalry games in college football. Thoughts?

NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Georgetown Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On a semi-related note: Are you happy to have UConn back in the Big East?

Absolutely! I’d like all of our old Big East rivals back! You clowns, Pitt, BC, West Virginia, bring it on! UConn has immediately injected some energy into the Big East hoops scene, as I simply cannot get all that worked up about a game against Butler or Creighton. Xavier is horrific though, I already hate those guys and their chili that is really spaghetti bolognese with the heat of a thousand suns.

Georgetown’s struggled to keep players around lately. Is that something that falls squarely on Patrick Ewing, the program itself, or is there more at play?

I don’t think there’s anything more at play than a few bad eggs that happened to leave the program all at once for things they allegedly got into while on campus. Ultimately that falls on Ewing as is the head coach, but for me it’s more of a reflection of his no-nonsense approach to the program and demanding more out of his players than any sort of loss of control. Mac McClung leaving is a different story, but he has his head in the clouds re the NBA and becoming a social media star and Georgetown certainly isn’t the place for at least the latter to happen. Best of luck to him.

Related: Is Ewing’s job in danger if he can’t get to the NCAA Tournament in year four?

I don’t think Ewing’s job will ever be in danger. Given the departures from the roster there is zero expectation that this team will make the Dance in Year 4, so this question will probably need to be asked again in like, Year 6. The rebuild has been frustrating, but I suppose these things take time especially at a school like Georgetown that has admission standards and can’t get everyone in. You know, unlike Syracuse.

What are your expectations for the Hoyas this season, assuming games are actually played?

Not great! I suppose I’ll be pleased if the EIGHT new additions to the team develop throughout the season, the team is competitive enough to finish something around .500 in Conference play and be in the mix for the Bubble come March. I full expect the Hoyas to defeat the Orange, however. Again.

If you were forced to say something nice about Syracuse, what would it be?

My apologies, I simply cannot bring myself to do so.