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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #20, WR Ethan Fischler

Going “Fisch”-ing... sorry.

Syracuse v Maryland

Name: Ethan Fischler

Position: Wide receiver

Year: (Redshirt) Sophomore

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 182

Hometown: Orinda, Calif.

High School: Miramonte

2019 stats: Actually wasn’t part of the team last year, but he’s back now.

2019 projections: After a year off, he’s probably starting from scratch to some extent. As a walk-on looking up at a stacked Syracuse Orange wide receiver depth chart, his most likely route to playing time is on special teams.

How’d he get here?: Was offered a preferred walk-on spot back in January 2018, and he’s been at SU ever since.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Nothing, it would appear.

Money quote: Ethan was part of a big comeback in the North Coast playoffs back in high school, and talked about the effort after the game —

“This was easily the craziest and most unbelievable game I’ve been a part of. We never gave up and hats off to El Cerrito for a great, well-fought game.”

Twitter feed: @ethanfishcler

Tweets of wonder: Here’s spring ball from last year, before Ethan stepped away for a bit.

What movie would Dino recommend for him?: Ethan Hawke played Hopper Senior in 2016’s “The Phenom,” a film about a pitcher who uses psychotherapy to get through some struggles on the mound. It’s a sports movie that deals with how people cope and eventually triumph over their fears. Sounds like something a coach would pick.

Interesting nugget o’interest: There are quite a few notable people from Ethan’s hometown of Orinda, but we’ll focus on one of the sports personalities: former Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey, who’s now the Bills’ quarterbacks coach.

Let’s get a look at ya: Here’s some Fischler tape from high school.