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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Interview with Stacie McCollum, VP of Programming at ACC Network

Obviously it’s been a challenging and interesting offseason over there.

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Sports-focused networks have been faced with some unique challenges since mid-March — namely figuring out how to program content every day with live sports not actually happening. It’s a topic that comes up from time to time here on the blog, but we’re certainly not experts there so we decided to talk to one.

In a special edition of the podcast, we spoke to Stacie McCollum, VP of programming at ACC Network about what’s been a very long and weird offseason, how content decisions get made and more. Some of the other major points:

  • Like you, the ACC Network would also love to be able to air more lacrosse games
  • Making the case for Ant-Man compared to other Marvel films
  • Stacie shares her appreciation for Syracuse’s 1996 Final Four run
  • How week-to-week programming decisions get made at the network
  • Some of the themed content the ACC Network’s explored this offseason
  • Takeaways from year one of the network for next year’s programming

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