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‘The Stadium?’ Syracuse gets vague about Dome name in release

Naming opportunities available now. Let’s take advantage of that .

Louisville v Syracuse

The Syracuse Orange announced a basketball game with UMBC scheduled for November 10 (was reported a month or so ago), but a very specific set of words has SU fans and media raising an eyebrow or two.

SU athletics refer to the site of the game as “the stadium,” not as the Carrier Dome or “the Dome.” ‘Cuse has been slowly removing any mention of Carrier; not mentioning the company in last year’s football media guide and editing a previous quote from Dwight Freeney to remove the sponsor as well.

Does this mean naming rights for “the stadium” are actually up for grabs? We’ve been down this road before, but it does seem like as good an opportunity as any to suggest some potential names for Syracuse’s athletic cathedral.

First, a couple of our own suggestions:

One from me -- and another weapon for our never-ending battle with Food Lion.

Can’t deny the numbers. We’ll take all of your Canadian support.

Solid, but just make sure no one de-commits before settling on the name.

The “Chuck’s Memorial Stadium” is also an alternative name along the same vein as this.

Just to drive the “Dino Babers BBQ” narrative home a little more.

Finally, you could go safe, simple, and boring, but where’s the fun in that?

What would be your ideal name for now eve more vague “STADIUM?” Leave it in the comments below. We won’t judge, we promise.