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Where can you watch ‘classic’ Syracuse games? (week of June 8)

We hop in the Wayback Machine to 1998...

Donovan McNabb #5...

Most of the time, ESPN and the ACC Network don’t try all that hard to broadcast interesting Syracuse Orange games from the past. And every so often, they make exactly the right choices.

We’re into June now, and sports-focused networks are still trying to get creative with how they fill programming space. Without live team sports — until late July when the NBA’s back! — ESPN’s family of networks faces a particular challenge. So we have still many weeks to go with just old games to watch.

Every Monday, we’re highlighting how you can watch the Orange and when. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of these. Others, not so much. This week, we continue the ACC Network’s obsession with Syracuse clobbering UNC in the conference tournament back in March. You also get to rewatch an actual classic football game most here should appreciate.

(all times ET)

Monday, June 8

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. North Carolina (2020 ACC Tournament), 2 a.m. — ACC Network

In case you didn’t get enough of this game last week, the blowout is here once again.

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. North Carolina (2020 ACC Tournament), 6 a.m. — ACC Network

And again? By this point, there has to be another SU game worth showing, no? Unless this is just a flex by the athletic department against the ACC’s North Carolina-based overlords. In which case, carry on.

Tuesday, June 9

Syracuse women’s basketball at Florida State (2020), 4 a.m. — ACC Network

Just in case you missed Emily Engstler’s buzzer-beater to knock off a top-10 Florida State squad on the road, now’s your chance to experience it. And if you saw the women’s basketball team pull the upset the first time, relive the magic here.

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. Notre Dame (2020), 6 a.m. — ACC Network

You don’t want to watch Syracuse fall 88-87 at the Dome, but someone at the league office is obsessed with doing so. You guys will be rewatching Joe Girard’s final shot a thousand times to see if he was fouled or not.

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. Notre Dame (2020), 7 p.m. — ACC Network

And in case you didn’t see it enough times, here’s the replay again later, so you can once again play armchair referee and fire off those emails to the ACC all over again.

Wednesday, June 10

Syracuse football vs. Virginia Tech (1998), 6 a.m. — ACC Network

FINALLY! You people get it. Though neither Syracuse nor Virginia Tech were in the ACC at the time of this game, it’s hard for the league to just ignore the Orangemen’s miraculous 28-26 win at the Carrier Dome. Down goes 16th-ranked Virginia Tech thanks to Donovan McNabb’s late heroics. Keep your eyes peeled for Sean Keeley and his mom rushing the field.

Syracuse football vs. Virginia Tech (1998), 6 p.m. — ACC Network

You knew they were going to show this more than once...

Syracuse football at Clemson (2018), 7 p.m. — YouTube

No, you have no interest in rewatching this calamitous 27-23 road loss for Syracuse that would’ve put them in the driver’s seat to win the ACC that season. The fourth quarter in particular should frustrate you to no end as SU mismanaged the clock somewhat and blinked while really being a penalty away from taking this one. It’ll be up on demand after this, if you want to torment yourself.


Nothing after Wednesday this week. Sorry. So enjoy it while you can.