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Syracuse football: WR Kevin Mital leaves program, according to report

Au revoir, monsieur

Syracuse v Maryland

An offseason seemingly full of roster turnover appears to be continuing. On Monday, TVA Sports’ Charles-Antoine Sinotte reported on Twitter that Syracuse Orange wide receiver Kevin Mital is leaving the program.

Mital, a Quebec native, took a redshirt last season for Syracuse but given his size at 6-foot-1 and 232 pounds, he could’ve been an interesting player to see involved in the Orange passing game. Instead, he’ll be suiting up for Laval University in Quebec City, Que. going forward.

Not exactly the news we want to hear, as we’d usually rather keep any player already on campus. But we do wish Kevin the best at Laval.

The move also opens up yet another roster spot for Syracuse this offseason, leaving four openings out of 85 possible scholarship players. Along with Mital, Allen Stritzinger, Kadeem Trotter and Juan Wallace have also elected to transfer in recent months. Syracuse has also added McNeese State defensive lineman Cody Roscoe.