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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Why has the ACC Network failed this offseason?

An offseason of opportunity has largely been a shrug.

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Perhaps you’ve been annoyed by the ACC Network’s lack of unique programming... or repetitive programming that seems to lack any and all imagination. We look into exactly why that is, and how to fix it.

The major points this week:

  • Why hasn’t the ACC put more effort into original programming?
  • Can anyone challenge Boise State in the Mountain West?
  • Looming issues with Syracuse vs. Colgate and other FCS vs. FBS games
  • What’s interesting about Air Force and Wyoming lately
  • Brainstorming weeks of Syracuse ACC Network shows in minutes
  • San Diego State is very good... but they could be great
  • Want more beer? Follow John on Untappd!

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