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Syracuse’s failure to recognize female athletes should end this Fall

Felisha Legette-Jack is right to be critical

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Calling on the Syracuse Orange to recognize outstanding female athletes at The Dome isn’t a new idea but when one of your legends calls you out about it, it’s worth revisiting. Former Orange player and assistant coach Felisha Legette-Jack gave an interview with CNY Central where he shared her feelings about being overlooked by her alma mater.

Syracuse hasn’t said anything specific about plans to honor female athletes when The Dome re-opens this year but the time is right to make them known. It’s not just about adding a couple of women’s basketball or women’s lacrosse jerseys to the rafters. It’s time for the Orange to raise a banner for the 2015 field hockey team- the first (and only) women’s sport to win a NCAA title.

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It’s time to honor alum Katherine Switzer who broke the gender barrier at the Boston Marathon while a student at Syracuse. It’s time to honor Doris Soladay who paved the way for women’s athletics at Syracuse. How can these things be accomplished?

Well maybe it’s time for Syracuse Athletics to have an official Hall of Fame. The Dome concourses have been lined with photos from both Dome events and Syracuse sports. Couldn’t those photos be replaced with Hall of Fame plaques of Orange legends from all sports? Wouldn’t that be a better way to showcase the history of the Syracuse sports programs to fans? Instead of placing NCAA trophies in Manley Field House which is going to be certainly closed off to the general public this coming year, make your home arena the place where everyone can see what has been accomplished by men and women representing Syracuse.

The Dome renovations offer the perfect opportunity for Syracuse to correct this and correct it in a manner that honors those deserving of recognition. You don’t need to have an elaborate ceremony to start a Hall of Fame. Just make the announcement and make sure to include representation from all sports.