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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #93, K/P Noah Nwosu

Is he the future of Special Teams U?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Noah Nwosu

Position: Kicker/Punter

Year: (Redshirt) Sophomore

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 216 lbs.

Hometown: Rockville, Md.

High School: Bullis School

2019 stats: Nwosu didn’t see any on field action, as he was charging up his legs for when he does.

2020 projections: Nwosu is one of two players manning both kicker and punter duty on the roster, but the other — Nolan Cooney — has placeholder duty down and could be manning kickoffs as well. We’ll see if that leaves any room for Nwosu given kicker and punter appear accounted for already.

How’d he get here?: He was a preferred walk on, which seems to be just as likely a path to success at ‘Cuse as any.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Nothing, so be ready to print the Special Teams U shirts once he becomes a Heisman Candidate.

Money Quote: “As he travels people stare. Looking slick, he turns. His eyes are red and look to tear. He smiles and says, ‘You have a lot to learn.’” - a portion of Nwosu’s poem, “Cool Kid” in his high school’s book featuring top student creative work.

Twitter feed: @noahnwosu

Tweets of wonder: He’s a proud big brother, too!

What movie would Dino recommend for him?: Invincible, as it tells the story of a great athlete who wasn’t given much of a shot, but made the NFL anyways. This should get Nwosu hyped before he continues the legacy of great ‘Cuse special teamers.

Interesting nugget o’interest: He was an all-conference soccer player for the Bullis School along with his kicking prowess.

Let’s get a look at ya: