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Dick Vitale says Joe Girard and Buddy Boeheim will be a problem in the ACC

Yes, really.

NCAA Basketball: Cornell at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you that might’ve missed it yesterday, ESPN legend Dick Vitale came out of the woodwork (read: most likely his home in Sarasota) to — apropos of absolutely nothing — opine on the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball starting backcourt. Which is really just another way of saying he sent out a tweet about Joe Girard and Buddy Boeheim.

Before you ask why this deserves an article, let me remind you we are still in the midst of a pandemic, that there have been no meaningful sports (sorry, NASCAR fans) and writing has been challenging through these times.

Now, there’s a galaxy of insignificance that would seem to suggest why Dicky V would even be thinking about Joe Girard and Buddy Boeheim in mid-June, but we’ll take it where we can get it.

Anyway, here’s the tweet.

I’m not sure about you, but every time I read a Dick Vitale tweet I do so in the Special Ed voice from Crank Yankers. This time was no different.

Now to address to context of the tweet: Considering that these are the only two returning guards at Syracuse (who gave buckets, combining for over 27 points per game last year), that’s a pretty safe bet. Also considering that they’ll be playing 70+ minutes per game this season, that’s not exactly betting the ranch. But again, we’ll take it where we can get it.

Aside from that, you have to love the non-sequitur mention of the LSU game at Madison Square Garden. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? That game is half of a year away and at the rate 2020 is going, it might as well be played a year from now.

There’s more though. You come for the Dickie V tweet but you stay for the reply guys. Some of these are gold. Take this one for example:

That’s hilarious partially because that guy threw in “great” and partially because I think he’s being serious. Even Buddy has to chuckle at that.

I’m not willing to go on record and say the top of the 2-3 zone was slow last season because I don’t want Joe or Buddy to be pissed and I will have to interview them at some point, but at the minimum, the anti 2-3 zone crowd probably enjoyed this one. Last year’s defense was abysmal as Syracuse ranked 116th in KenPom defensive efficiency.

Considering the randomness of this tweet, something is fishy here. Maybe Dicky V was just reminiscing about that a**-whooping Jim gave him in Rochester many summers back.

Regardless, I may or may not have tweeted a video response of this, which I’m sure if you really cared you could find it rather easily. Hope you’re mentally preparing for that Syracuse-LSU matchup at MSG this December. Cheers.

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