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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: What’s Syracuse women’s basketball’s ceiling?

Talking about what Coach Q continues to build and what’s next.

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As the offseson rolls on, we’re not necessarily flush with hard news about the Syracuse Orange. However, one SU team that’s been catching headlines lately is the women’s basketball team, as Coach Q continues to secure quality recruits. So we discuss that a bit, along with some other topics.

The major points this week:

  • Who’s Kyrie Irving blaming for coronavirus?
  • How offensive line improvement could spell big things for SU football
  • The East and West Coast aren’t raised to care about each other’s geography
  • Can Quentin Hillsman turn Syracuse into a perennial Final Four contender?
  • Survey results and if Gary Gait could ever be on the hot seat
  • Challenges ahead for potentially having fans at football stadiums this fall
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