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TNIAAM Syracuse women’s lacrosse fan survey: Tell us what you think

This is probably the last one of these, unless you guys have other teams you’d like us to discuss.

Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

While we all talk plenty in the comment section, it doesn’t make for incredibly scientific polling around certain teams. Thankfully. we can just run surveys to get that info — as we have for the past few weeks around various Syracuse Orange sports.

Last week, it was men’s lacrosse, and it appears no one’s ready to #FireDesko just yet. This time around, we’re talking women’s lacrosse with this survey here. So follow that link and tell us how you feel about the WLAX team. By Sunday night/Monday morning, we’ll close the poll, post the results and talk about what’s most (or not so) surprising about your opinions as a group.

Again: here’s the women’s lacrosse survey.

Like the other surveys, we made it reasonably short, asking a variety of multiple choice questions to see how you feel about the state of the program.

This is also probably the last of these surveys, unless you’d like us to deep dive into any other team on campus or another Syracuse University-specific topic. So please let us know if that’s the case in the comments.

Thanks, as always, for being here.