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Choose your Syracuse social distance residence

Which group would you prefer to be locked in with?

It’s not easy to find ways to argue sports online so we’re going to keep pushing the boundaries to get Syracuse Orange fans engaged. Today we’re giving you the option to decide which group of Syracuse coaches and former athletes you’d pick to spend quarantine time with.

Here are your options:

House One is sure to bring lots of movie watching and you’ll be around athletes who have competed all over the world. I don’t think you’d be bored in House 2 with Q, Wallace and Chandler but maybe that group is a bit too rambunctous for your taste.

Early discussion in the TNIAAM slack was that House 3 was the favorite but how long before Mike Powell gets sick of Boeheim asking him to play Springsteen songs on his guitar.

Maybe House 44 appeals to you because you get to be with Dancing Floyd and you could pick up a lot from Ange and Kayla Alexander. House 5 might be the most easy-going group in this exercise and there’s a lot of ‘Cuse history in House 6.

The responses should be pretty interesting so let us hear the reason behind your selection in the comments.