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How Syracuse fans can vote for the best fan base in college basketball

Fox Sports is in search of the best fan base in all of college basketball.

image via @CBBonFOX

For those not in the know, Fox Sports has launched the Ultimate Fan Bracket in search of the best fan base in all of college basketball. To accomplish this, Fox created an NCAA Tournament-esque bracket by seeding the biggest college basketball programs in the country. A winner will be determined based on the number of fan votes generated on the Fox College Hoops Twitter page.

So, much like all the other brackets that have been created to fill the sports void amidst the coronavirus outbreak, this bracket relies solely on the number of votes. But unlike some of the others, this one was well thought out and has an added incentive.

Syracuse was included and based on the 271k followers of the @Cuse_MBB Twitter account, the Orange drew the No. 4 seed in the south region. Here’s what you need to know.

How can we vote?

You can go the Fox College Hoops Twitter handle @CBBonFox to cast your vote. Voting opened on Monday and will close on Thursday. Then the next round opens on Thursday and closes on Monday. So on and so forth until a champion is determined.

How were seeds determined?

In short: Twitter following.

An automatic bid was given to the one basketball team with the most Twitter followers from each of the 32 conferences in college basketball. Then 32 at-large berths were given to the basketball teams with the most Twitter followers overall.

How were matchups determined?

Idk but all you have to do is see Virginia matched up with UMBC and Duke matched up with Lehigh to figure it out.

Should we continue trolling like we did on the ACC Men’s basketball Twitter feed by voting four Syracuse players into the Final Four?


How can we do that?

Vote for Syracuse.

If you’d like to make every effort, you could sabotage the process by voting for teams like Lehigh.

What else should we know?

The winner of the challenge gets to place a giant billboard near their rival’s campus. Seems like a decent enough incentive to participate.

For anything else you could just watch the video below.