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What’s your favorite Syracuse (and non-Syracuse) jersey you own?

We’ve done a lot of jersey talk, but we want to know your favorite jerseys.

NCAA Men’s Divison I Soccer Championship - Round Two Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, it’s Jersey Week here at SBNation, and we’ve spent the week talking football, basketball, and overall jerseys here at TNIAAM. However, the reason I love these writing these articles is because I am a jersey collector myself.

By a conservative estimate, I own about 50 sports jerseys spanning multiple sports, as I collect jerseys of both my favorite teams and players across collegiate and professional sports. So, I’m going to show off my favorite jerseys in my collection, and I want to see your favorite jerseys you own.

Favorite Syracuse Jersey: Syracuse Men’s Soccer Waldo #10

Syracuse Men’s Soccer #10 Jersey
Syracuse Men’s Soccer #10 Jersey

In 2012, I was living on Small Road on South Campus and investing significant time into a FIFA video game and Premier League soccer. All of that happened because I could walk a few yards into the lawn on the Syracuse Soccer Stadium and watch ‘Cuse take on anyone and win, and later my junior year, these jerseys were put on sale. I immediately placed an order for a #10, and to this day, it is worn by both my wife and I to Syracuse sports games as it’s both beautiful and comfortable. Sell these again and SU Soccer could build a Dome of their own.

Favorite Non-Syracuse Jersey: Shop412 Exclusive Pittsburgh Pirates 1992 Road Throwback

Pittsburgh Pirates 1992 Shop 412 Exclusive

Much like all in life, my love for this gets traced back to Syracuse. I’m a sucker for script city names, and when Shop412 announced the release of this jersey, it was in person only orders, so my New York City body couldn’t get one. That is, until AJ, a friend I met through Boeheim’s Army, contacted me and told me he was in Pittsburgh and could get and ship one to me. Even with the Sid Bream stained memories this template may have, it’s a gorgeous baseball jersey and allows me to rep my Yinzer in Brooklyn any time I want.

I’m not the only person who likes/wears jerseys here, however. So I’ll let other TNIAAM staffers weigh in below:


Favorite Syracuse jersey: 1989-93 Orange Men’s Basketball Road Orange

Billy Owens Drives Photo by Bob Stowell/Getty Images

The way the arched script looks and the white stripe on the side panels flows well to compliment, there’s a reason this is look the current throwbacks borrowed from. Just enough blue in the outline to make the orange stand out in a way that isn’t too much. This is just a clean uniform that says Syracuse.

Favorite non-SU jersey: Montreal Canadians Home Red

Saku Koivu Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Classic design that has held up well over time.


Favorite Syracuse jersey: Syracuse Men’s Soccer Waldo #6

Simple, classic design, easily identifiable as Syracuse. Andy already touched on this jersey, but it’s really a great shirt. Wearable to any and all Syracuse related events, unique enough that it’s guaranteed someone will ask you about it, and a great wall ornament as well. They started selling these right around the time I started up here on the staff covering the squad, so that’s another nice connection that got me loving this design.

Favorite non-SU jersey: Chelsea 2010-2011 Drogba #11

Similarly simple, classic Chelsea kit but the red accent stripe on the collar as a nod to the classic subtle red accents in their older kits. It really helps that it’s the legend that is Didier Drogba. Anything with Drogba is better than something without Drogba. It may have been a disappointing year that year, but the kits were beautiful. Honorable mention to my old Green Bay Packers Reggie White jersey and 2001-2002 Chelsea Third Kit (yellow) as well.


Favorite Syracuse jersey: 2010 Orange Men’s Basketball #4 jersey

Yeah, it’s a Wes Johnson jersey, before schools were worried about the ramifications of making jerseys for certain players without paying them. More importantly, my now wife bought this one for me for Valentine’s Day our senior year at SU. We’ve been together for quite awhile, as you probably figured, and the jersey is a nice reminder of when we were dating in college... and things didn’t revolve around jobs, a mortgage and kids as much.

Favorite non-SU jersey: 2008 New York Giants Eli Manning Super Bowl jersey

Admittedly, I’m not the Giants fan I used to be. But the Super Bowl XLII win (the upset over the unbeaten Patriots) remains one of my favorite memories — sports or otherwise. After the win, I went to the mall and bought a couple hundred dollars’ worth of championship merch, including this jersey. Even though I don’t wear it anymore, it remains a prized possession.

So those are our favorite jerseys, what are yours? Share the jerseys in the comments and we can talk about the best ‘Cuse jersey and/or why the ‘Cuse Waldos need to be back on sale yesterday.