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Syracuse football bracket: 1959 takes home (another) championship

The result you expected, with little challenge on the way.

Football Player Escaping Tackle

When we first set up this Syracuse Orange football bracket, we thought things would be a bit “chalky” at the top. Syracuse has two unbeaten seasons and one claimed national title, so when evaluating the best teams, those two seemed likely to top the list for everyone.

Ends up that yes, that was the case. Though there were some surprises in the margins. Still, we wound up with the 1959 national champion Orangemen up against the 11-0-1 squad from 1987. I personally wondered if some fans thought that maybe the more modern team would at least be able to hang with the ‘59 team in a hypothetical matchup.

Apparently not, though. After three straight routs to start the tournament, the ‘59 team added a fourth, besting the ‘87 Orangemen, 72% to 28%. It was the closest matchup for the victors, who weren’t tested at all in this one en route to a(nother) championship.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed that exercise as much as the beer bracket — even without the voting hijinks the latter featured quite a bit of. Syracuse food options are up next, and we’ll get that going within a few days.