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TNIAAM Syracuse men’s basketball fan survey: Tell us what you think

Of course we weren’t just going to ask about football...

Syracuse v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Though there’s a comment section here for all of you to regularly share your opinions — and you do — it’s not an overly scientific gauge of what this fan base is thinking. As part of our extended offseason this year, we figured we’d deal with that shortcoming by asking you a few questions about the Syracuse Orange football program last week.

Lucky for us, you provided plenty of answers. And now we’re doing the same thing for men’s basketball. So follow that link and tell us how you feel about the current state of Jim Boeheim’s program, plus other related topics. After five days or so, we’ll close the poll, post the results and talk about what’s most (or not so) surprising about your opinions as a group.

Again: here’s the men’s basketball poll.

We purposefully made it a fairly short survey, asking you a variety of mostly multiple choice questions about your opinions on SU men’s hoops, Jim Boeheim and some of your favorite Orange(men) players over the years. Additionally, there are some questions about fan experience at the Dome, what the program needs most and more. If you felt like you already shared enough open-ended feedback with us about coverage last time, don’t feel like you need to do so again.

We’ll be doing these for different Syracuse sports each week for the foreseeable future, so if there’s anything you’d like to see adjusted here, let us know and we’ll do so for the next one (which will be women’s basketball).

Thanks, as always, for your attention.