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Ranking the top 5 current Syracuse Orange team uniforms

If it’s Jersey Week, we rank ALL the jerseys.

COLLEGE SOFTBALL: FEB 08 Syracuse v Oklahoma Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At the beginning of this athletic season, the Syracuse Athletic Department and Nike renewed their partnership, continuing a more than 30-year arrangement that keeps all of the Orange athletic programs decked out in the swoosh. With the renewed deal came new uniforms for many, and this year was definitely one of the better-looking (aesthetically speaking) seasons for ‘Cuse. But who maximized and took the most advantage? Well that’s what you have me for!

#5: Women’s Basketball

Look, I know they have a dark colored non-orange jersey, which breaks many cardinal rules of ‘Cuse jersey rankings. However, do you see that gorgeous modern script jersey? They wear that more than once a year! It’s a fantastic compliment to a clean and sleek home look that has just enough Orange to really pop. Again, look at this gorgeous jersey!

#4: Men’s Basketball

While the standard home jerseys are much improved with the color blocking down the side of the jersey and shorts, and the road jerseys made my top 5 all time ‘Cuse basketball jerseys, the real reason the men’s team makes the list is for not one, but two excellent throwback options now available to them. Both the home and road script featuring jerseys look better than the full time home and road jerseys, and should be utilized far more, hence only being #4 in the rankings.

#3: Ice Hockey

It’s almost unfair to bring a hockey jersey into an all sports fight; The have so much more equipment and space to worth with, and traditional hockey elements like sock and shoulder striping works in ways it simply wouldn’t on say a basketball uniform. However, I must give credit where it is due, and the women’s hockey team has a beautiful orange home jersey, offset by navy pants so they can rock orange socks with classic white and navy striping. The navy gloves and shoulders may be a lot of navy on a home jersey, but there’s just so much more orange to work with, and I love putting the block S in a circular crest so it can stay Orange. The road jerseys are more modern, and still have plenty of orange to stay high in the rankings.

#2: Men’s Soccer

While it may be just a single look, the Men’s Soccer team has one of, if not the single, most unique and desired jersey in Syracuse athletics. The riff of on the US National Team’s Waldo jersey has been a hit since day 1, to the point that this is now THE look for the team. The only other look is to swap the navy shorts for orange, a rare change that I don’t think is quite as strong as the contrast the navy shorts bring to the party. Regardless, as a lucky owner of a #10 ‘Cuse Waldo kit, I full heartedly support this as the men’s soccer jersey of the present and future.

#1: Softball

I mean, wow. First off, kudos for “New York’s College Team” making not one, but two pinstripe uniforms work for them. I love the script ‘Cuse and am shocked that’s not on every Nike hoodie in the bookstore. Now, before you come at me with “how can a platinum uniformed team be number 1?” I must show you my favorite uniform in all of ‘Cuse athletics.

Sure, it’s foodlion loud, but an all orange script Syracuse jersey with white and orange striped baseball socks are going to steal this blogger’s heart every time. They even mix in a mostly white jersey that uses orange outlining to for numbering that while not my favorite, is a bold look that I give points to for trying to make something different work. All in all, softball combines tons of elements from both their sport, regional teams, and Syracuse itself to make the best overall uniform in ‘Cuse.