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Where can you watch ‘classic’ Syracuse games? (week of April 27)

Not much to choose from this week, but we do get a game against the Hoyas.

Georgetown v Syracuse Photo by Marc Squire/Getty Images

With no live Syracuse Orange sports on television, you may be wandering around your home aimlessly, trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do with your life. The lack of any other sport makes this even worse, and is creating a challenge for sports networks for the foreseeable future, as they struggle to fill programming slots.

After getting fairly creative with “takeover” programming for specific schools these past couple weeks, the ACC Network wound up mailing it in this week, though they did pick some old Big East games, which was nice.

Every Monday, we’re highlighting how you can watch the Orange and when. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of these. Others, not so much. At least this week provides a lot more positives than negatives.

(all times ET)

Wednesday, April 29

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. Georgetown (2009), 8 a.m. — ACC Network

Oh, so NOW we’re going to get around to showing old Big East games. This one’s not necessarily the best in a collection of home wins over the Hoyas while I was at Syracuse (a clean sweep from 2007-10), but it’s a win over Georgetown nonetheless, 98-94. Eric Devendorf and Jonny Flynn combined for 48 points in the OT thriller.

Syracuse men’s basketball vs. Georgetown (2009), 8 p.m. — ACC Network

The same game again, because for some reason we’re not going to show a different one despite having plenty of SU wins over Georgetown to choose from.

Thursday, April 30

Syracuse women’s soccer vs. Colgate (2019), 2 a.m. — ACC Network

This one was on during the takeover last Thursday. So in case you didn’t see enough of SU’s 1-0 win over the Raiders then, here it is again.

Syracuse women’s soccer vs. Colgate (2019), 2 p.m. — ACC Network

Back at it. Rough season.


That’s it this week. A cursory scroll through DirecTV also showed me that Carmelo Anthony’s on an episode of Nurse Jackie, apparently and an episode of Sesame Street. But the guide did a terrible job of telling me exactly when those take place (plus figured it’s a stretch for many of you to watch either anyway). Find any other random Syracuse things on television? Share them below.