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TNIAAM Syracuse football fan survey: Tell us what you think

Not that you needed any more prompting, but we’d like to know your opinions on some things.

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NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

While we have a comment section where all of you regularly share your opinions, it’s not overly formalized or scientific if we’re looking to really sum up those results. It also doesn’t make for easy graphs and charts, and everybody here likes a good graph and chart now and again, right?

Inspired by a similar exercise over at The Athletic, we wanted to poll Syracuse Orange fans about their feelings on specific teams, coaches and players. After five days or so, we’ll close the poll, post the results and talk about what’s most (or not so) surprising about your opinions as a group.

So first up is football.

We purposefully made it a fairly short survey, asking you a variety of mostly multiple choice questions about your opinions on SU football, Dino Babers and some of your favorite Orange(men) players over the years. Additionally, there are some questions about fan experience at the Dome, what the program needs most and more.

We’ll be doing these for different Syracuse sports each week for the foreseeable future, so if there’s anything you’d like to see adjusted here, let us know and we’ll do so for the next one (which will be men’s basketball).