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TNIAAM talks to Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim on SportsCastr

And we discuss the Orange... and Netflix.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone’s stuck inside in one way or another, and that “everyone” includes Syracuse Orange men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

The Hall-of-Famer was nice enough to join us on SportsCastr to discuss SU, the current quarantine situation and Coach’s Netflix picks. We’ve included the video (I’m on video, anyway) below, plus a rundown of some of the major topics we discuss:

  • What went well and what didn’t for Syracuse this season
  • Why he’s high on the returning players for the Orange
  • What Alan Griffin brings to the table as a transfer for SU
  • How Boeheim typically evaluates transfers
  • Jim’s not watching much basketball right now, so he tells us the Netflix shows he’d recommend
  • Recapping some of his most rewarding wins as Orange head coach
  • Details on the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation’s Basket Ball coming up later this month

Much more along with that, too. You can check out the full 20-minute interview below.