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Build your ultimate Syracuse women’s basketball starting five

How will you build your squad?

We’re going to launch a new series here at TNIAAM, where we give you $44 and challenge you to construct the best starting lineup for a variety of Syracuse Orange sports. The idea is to make it more difficult for you to pick two of the top five athletes in a particular sport so we think it should lead to some spirited debate.

Up next is women’s basketball

This one should be a bit more challenging for those of you who don’t follow the Orange women closely which is why we went with a lot more recent players at the highest tier. Since there wasn’t a lot of information available on some of the players from the 80s long-time fans might see some players out of position but we’re going to go with this for our exercise.

Syracuse v UConn Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We expect that Tiana will be included in many of the lineups so where will turn to fill out the front court? A lot of you were able to hit the $2 bin to build your men’s starting five but will you find the same impact here with the women?

After a lot of consideration I decided to spend my budget on a balanced five of Sue Ludwig $4, Chandrea Jones $10, Brianna Butler $15, Fantasia Goodwin $10, and Brianna Day $5. This group gives us a steady play-maker running the point to set up the slashing of Jones, shooting of Butler, and inside scoring of Goodwin and Day. We’ll get after opponents on the defensive end with Day back to protect the rim.

Now let’s hear who you’re picking and why.