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Syracuse men’s basketball is a win away from the 5-seed in the ACC Tournament

(and may get it anyway, even with a loss vs. Miami)

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

It was just a day ago that we dug into the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team’s ACC Tournament tiebreaker scenarios. And since then, things have actually broken in SU’s favor.

Clemson lost by 12 to Virginia Tech, falling to 9-10 in league play. Notre Dame also lost — narrowly — to Florida State to also drop to 9-10.

So with one game left for everyone, here’s how it looks for SU (removing Georgia Tech):

5. Syracuse (10-9) — at Miami (6-12) on Saturday

6. NC State (9-10) — Wake Forest (6-13) on Friday

7. Notre Dame (9-10) — Virginia Tech (7-12) on Saturday

8. Clemson (9-10) — Georgia Tech (10-9) on Friday

Same tiebreakers as Wednesday still apply, to some extent, though Syracuse is now in complete control of their own destiny. A win means they’re the fifth seed. A loss could open up other possibilities.

They lose one-on-one tiebreakers to NC State and Clemson due to head-to-head losses to each. The Orange would have the advantage over Notre Dame, courtesy of a win over Virginia — though that tiebreaker almost disappeared tonight before the ‘Noles came back to beat the Irish.

A four-way tie still knocks SU down to eighth. We probably don’t want to be there, as it creates a potential quarterfinal matchup with Louisville or FSU. Fifth place could also be tough if UNC advances past round one (though a quarterfinal matchup with Virginia or Duke would be preferred id we can get past them).

More to come this weekend.