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Congratulations, Syracuse fans, for breaking the ACC

Apologies to the ACC digital team employee whose week we ruined.

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

You’ve certainly been following the ACC’s “best players” bracket, these past couple weeks — and specifically, how Syracuse Orange and N.C. State Wolfpack fans completely broke the voting. Well, the tournament has now reached the Final Four, and of course, we got exactly what we wanted:

If you read the above through clenched teeth, it’s probably a lot more accurate for how the ACC actually feels about this. The digital team had this great idea to keep fans engaged and get a lot of fan bases involved. What they forgot about was the collective pettiness of Syracuse and NC State fans, and the results from there were predictable.

Perhaps what wasn’t predictable, however, was one school getting all four players into the Final Four — as Syracuse did with Derrick Coleman, Carmelo Anthony, Billy Owens and Pearl Washington (sorry we failed you, Hakim Warrick). And as a result, some fans have noticed the conference changed the voting windows around the final two rounds.

What was once a two-day Final Four plus a “crowning” event and all in the championship has now been reduced to a brief four-hour poll to decide the semifinal games, probably followed by another to decide the champ. The conference’s Twitter feed has been progressively trying to sweep this all under the rug with highlights from elsewhere, lest they be reminded of what’s transpired here.

As someone that plans content for both this site and others, I can tell you that scrapping an entire week of ideas is no easy feat, and this did throw a wrench in things for the league. For that aspect of things, we apologize. But as most would tell you by now, our apologies rarely actually mean anything.