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TNIAAM Comic Shop, Issue No. 2: Yup, we’re still doing this

Just start reading comics too and this gets a lot easier, guys.

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Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee

There’s no sports for at least the next month, and no Syracuse Orange sports for even longer. If this sounds like us setting the scene for some strange, post-apocalyptic fiction, it’s not. Plus, stuff like that is Keeley’s job.

Despite no actual Syracuse sports news, we’ll be talking about Syracuse sports plenty just the same. But we still need other topics to write about, and lo and behold, it ends up we have interests beyond Orange athletics. So welcome to issue No. 2 of the TNIAAM Comic Shop.

Each week, we’ll each be highlighting a worthwhile book to read. And for the most part, we’ll be making sure these are all selections you can read on Marvel Unlimited (not a sponsor — but they could be!). There will be exceptions. We’ll let you know when they arrive.


Spider-Woman: Origin No. 1 (by Brian Michael Bendis)

My absolute favorite comic writer (mainly because of Ultimate Spider-Man), Bendis gets another chance to rework a classic character’s convoluted origin for a more modern and streamlined era. Jessica Drew’s actual, hydra based origin is actually pretty interesting, giving Bendis plenty to work with in what ends up reading more of a mystery/spy story than your typical overcoming first challenges origin.

Steve Haller

Star Wars Darth Vader No. 19 (Charles Soule)

You think of comics, the first thing you think of is... Star Wars? Maybe not, but I love them. The 2017 run of Charles Soule’s telling of the tale of Anakin Skywalker, and his fall, farther from the light, is just amazingly done. Issue 19 starts the Fortress Vader arc and is a great culmination to a great series. The whole run of 25 issues begin immediately after Vader comes to in Episode 3 and doesn’t stop from there.


Thanos No. 18 (by Donny Cates)

Cates has a lot of great work on Marvel books, but I’m highligting Thanos because it really dives pretty deep into the mythology and history of the character, his obsession with death and ultimately facing his biggest nemesis: himself. If you’re only familiar with Thanos as the purple guy from the Avengers movies and/or a meme, this is an excellent character study that sees “modern” Thanos and the older, future King Thanos come to grips with a lot of what makes him such a compelling figure in the Marvel universe. Also, Cosmic Ghost Rider’s in it, and he’s great.


Have a series you’ve been reading? Have no idea what we’re talking about? Want to just talk about the Marvel movies instead. The comment section’s below.