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What if Syracuse took a page from Maryland and dictated where games are played?

We can help SU determine dangerous situations for upcoming trips.

NCAA Lacrosse: Women’s Championship- Maryland vs Boston College Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday evening, it was announced that the Maryland Terrapins women’s lacrosse team wasn’t going to travel to play the Syracuse Orange the following afternoon.

According to Maryland AD Damon Evans “Safety of our student-athletes is of the utmost importance at the University of Maryland,” (Ummmm well that’s a recent development isn’t it Damon?). The huge snowstorm stayed well north of Syracuse and apparently Maryland had no issue with the safety of Syracuse’s athletes travelling and perhaps they should have because..

As you can see, the Syracuse women simply packed their goggles and sticks, and rode down to College Park to drive the turtles back into their shells. But it got us to thinking about Maryland’s attempted tactic. What if the Orange simply refused to travel for future contests using the “safety of our athletes” excuse?

Let’s start with the upcoming ACC Tournament in Greensboro,N.C.. We know Jim Boeheim doesn’t like Greensboro, and they weren’t happy about that, but did you know that the violent crime rate in Greensboro is twice that of Syracuse?

You thought Boeheim just didn’t like the restaurant scene but in fact he’s worried about the safety of his athletes and the Syracuse fans. We recommend that the ACC should move the conference basketball tournaments to Glens Falls New York which has a suitable arena, far less violent crime and a vibrant local dining scene. To make it up to the whiny media folks who complained about Brooklyn we’d ask Jimmer Fredette to serve as host since he’s pretty much an honorary Duke Blue Devil.

North Carolina State v Syracuse Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We’re not stopping there.

Next year, Syracuse football is supposed to travel to play Greg Schiano’s Rutgers Scarlet Knights and we don’t like Schiano’s history of dirty tactics. We shouldn’t risk exposing the Syracuse offensive line to this tactic but there’s the Dome construction happening so instead of a road game in Jersey we think Rutgers should host Troy and Syracuse travels to Foxboro, Mass. to play UMass instead.

This gives the Orange two games in New England on back to back weekends and after winning both we can become Massachusetts State Champions. It also means Syracuse fans can spend the time exploring historic sites and the quiet beaches of Cape Cod instead of having to deal with a post Labor-Day Jersey visit and Dino Babers can visit his new Foxboro friends.

Sorry, Clemson Tigers fans. We know you probably expected to see us suggesting that the Orange didn’t want to go to Death Valley next year, but as one of the last three schools to beat Dabo’s crew we don’t see the situation as being overly dangerous especially with Isaiah Simmons in the NFL.

Now it’s your turn to play travel agent. What other Syracuse road trips would you reschedule? Let us know in the comments.