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Bracket: Which Syracuse basketball players would rank among the best in ACC history?

The internet is pretty good at ranking stuff, and putting things in brackets.

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With no March Madness to keep us occupied this week, everyone’s making brackets of some sort — even us. The most recent to come across our “desk” is from the ACC, as they try to determine the best men’s basketball player in the conference from the past 50 years.

As is always the case with the ACC and its evolving membership over the last two decades, any “all time” list doesn’t need to be limited to players that actually suited up in the conference — just for current teams. So the Syracuse Orange have a fair amount of representation for you to vote for.

Voting starts today via the ACC men’s hoops Twitter feed. Here are the players you’ll be stuffing the ballot for/defending to the death:

  • Pearl Washington (13-seed, Greensboro Region)
  • Carmelo Anthony (6-seed, Charlotte Region)
  • Billy Owens (6-seed, Washington D.C. Region)
  • Derrick Coleman (3-seed, Brooklyn Region)
  • Hakim Warrick (12-seed, Brooklyn Region)

They do try to spread the love to all 15 teams, so obviously that gets a little difficult to do evenly in a bracket of 64 names. Syracuse getting five is a small victory — though ‘Melo being a 6-seed is also a crime. You certainly have a list of snubs in your head already, and you can voice those in the comments below.

Greensboro Region voting starts today, with Pearl going up against 4-seed Adrian Dantley (Notre Dame). Carmelo is up against 11-seed Dave Cowens (FSU) in the Charlotte Region tomorrow. Then DC vs. Jerome Robinson (Boston College) and Hakim Warrick vs. Randolph Childress (Wake Forest) on Saturday, before the first round closes with Billy Owens vs. Clemson’s Larry Nance on Sunday.

Not to be a homer, but these all seem reasonably winnable for Orange players and given the fan base being VERY online at times, I don’t see any issue with us being able to push them all through. So fingers crossed that happens, because #content is at a premium right now and we could always use the help.