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Where can you watch classic Syracuse games this week?

Some of these may be more rewatchable than others...

Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

You won’t find live Syracuse Orange games on television this week, or any week for the foreseeable future. However, with space to fill, most sports networks are showing a lot of classic games to fill space.

Each week — on Mondays going forward — we’ll be highlighting how you can watch the Orange and when. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of these. Others, not so much.

(all times ET)

Tuesday, March 17

Men’s Basketball: NCAA Tournament North Carolina vs. Syracuse (1987), 10 a.m. - ESPN Classic

Before Keith Effing Smart made you want to vomit, SU knocked off top-seed North Carolina in the Elite Eight to earn the Orangemen’s first Final Four trip with Jim Boeheim as head coach.

Thursday, March 19

Football: Clemson at Syracuse (2019), 6 p.m. - ACC Network

You don’t want to watch this. Despite a strong first half that showed SU once again up to the task against the Tigers, a dreadful third quarter gave Clemson all the distance they needed to put away ‘Cuse.

Friday, March 20

Football: Clemson at Syracuse (2019), 3 a.m. - ACC Network

In case you missed it the first time...

Football: Western Michigan at Syracuse (2019), 9 a.m. - ACC Network

Syracuse made it interesting against the Broncos once again, jumping out to a 21-0 lead, then letting WMU back in to the point where they cut the lead, 38-33. Syracuse would shut them out, 14-0, in the fourth to seal the deal in what’s become an interesting near-annual (ugh) matchup.

Men’s Basketball: ACC Tournament Duke vs. Syracuse (2019), 2 p.m. - ESPNU

The Orange played Duke fairly tight in the first half, but it was the Zion Williamson show in the second as the future top pick wound up with 29 points on 13-of-13 shooting. SU challenged to the point of being down just one point with 12 minutes remaining. It just wasn’t enough against an offensively gifted Blue Devils squad full of lottery picks.

Saturday, March 21

Football: Holy Cross at Syracuse (2019), 6 p.m. - ACCN

It’s a win, so that’s nice. But mostly, you get to watch the Orange sleepwalk through a 41-3 win that didn’t really tell us anything new or different, and also didn’t fix any fears you had during a rough start for SU.

Sunday, March 22

Football: Holy Cross at Syracuse (2019), Midnight - ACCN

One more time for the folks in the back.


There will certainly be more weeks like this one ahead. And while the ACC Network won’t be airing old Big East games, there’s a shot that we see them on ESPN Classic or Fox Sports 1 at some point (there were several last week).