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Missed opportunities and the case for Syracuse men’s lacrosse’s 12th national title

Just hand it over, NCAA...

Michael J. Okoniewski

The most important aspect of Thursday’s flurry of game and tournament cancellations is the health and safety of the public. But among those cancellations were those for all of the NCAA’s spring sports — including the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships on Memorial Day weekend.

It’s disappointing enough to see that the Final Four will not be played. A look at the current polls, however, show why Syracuse Orange fans, players and coaches have a distinct reason for concern...

No. 1 Syracuse is currently 5-0, is averaging 16.6 goals per game and allowing just 9.4 per game. The Orange have knocked off Army while largely tearing through their other foes. SU’s slate ahead had plenty more opportunities to rack up bigger wins, but those are no longer an option.

Still, with the majority of voters saying that Syracuse is the best team in the country, and no one to prove them wrong, it’s only fair they hand over the title to the Orange, no?

If you ask any SU fan, the Orange have 11 titles. But if you ask the NCAA, we have 10. So let’s just split the difference, take this championship and then “everyone” can say we have 11... while WE say we have 12.

See? We have the banner now, so might as well just get the hardware too.



Oh, you aren’t going to hand over the trophy? Cool, we have an extra one lying around anyway.