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TNIAAM’s ACC Tournament Picks

How wrong are we going to be? Let’s find out...

ACC Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament is just getting underway down in Greensboro, N.C. And while the Syracuse Orange don’t play until tomorrow against a yet-to-be-determined opponent, we wanted to publicly log our picks for the entire event.

In the past, the TNIAAM staff has managed to both be terribly wrong and enthusiastically right about certain predictions in equal measure. And while that will certainly be true once again here, it’s at least going to look different this time around.

Thanks to our friends at Tallysight for helping us make predictions look nice. You can click any writer’s name to see their full bracket and determine who the most #disloyalidiot is (it’s probably John, but you already knew that).

Have your own picks for the ACC Tournament? Share them below while yelling at us about how wrong we are about our own.