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So is there a specific piece of the old Carrier Dome roof you want?

Apparently we’re going to be able to buy some soon.

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Pittsburgh v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The next time we see the Syracuse Orange football team play a regular season game in the Carrier Dome, it won’t be under the current roof. As you know, renovations will continue through offseason for the home of numerous SU sports, and that will culminate with a new, permanent roof in place. That process calls into question the fact of whether it’s still a “dome” or not, and if Syracuse can get out of the Carrier naming rights deal too — but that’s a debate for another day.

More important is the news from Monday that Syracuse will be selling sections of the old Dome roof (through Steiner Sports, as you already figured). There’s no indication on how many sections there will actually be, or how much those sections will cost. However, we can imagine that a lot of Orange fans will likely want to get their hands on one, if only to claim a little bit of the history they’ve witnessed in the building.

I’m curious, though: Are there specific pieces that fans would want? Like, if you’re a long-time season ticket holder and sat in the same seats for decades, would you want something from right above where you sat? If you’re more of a hoops fan, would you want to avoid anything from the other side of the venue from where the court is? Is material from the center more valuable? Can’t really say on this end. But am curious if others have preferences.

In any case, looking forward to these going on sale for (hopefully) $44.44 or something liek that. If it’s any other price, we riot.

That, plus the rest of your Syracuse-related links below.

SU plans to sell sections of old Carrier Dome roof once it comes down (WSYR)

“We’re actually working with a couple of vendors to get that figured out… It’s something we’re going to do,” Carrier Dome Managing Director Pete Sala tells NewsChannel 9. Sala joked that he’ll have plenty of material to sell, since the roof is six-and-a-half acres.

Syracuse basketball has improved, but is Orange good enough to do what needs to be done? (

“We played as bad as it gets shooting the ball and to be five or six points down with four or five minutes left is a good sign,’’ Syracuse sophomore Buddy Boeheim said in the post-game locker room. “You want to win those, but we’re getting a lot better. Early on in the year, I don’t think we would have been able to fight back like that. We weren’t balanced; we didn’t have the chemistry then, but we’re getting better day by day.’’

Colgate has attention of Syracuse lacrosse: ‘We’ve been waiting for this game for awhile’ (

“There’s no denying that it does mean a little more to us this year, especially with what that sort of did to our season last year,” said Orange senior goalie Drake Porter. “It leaves a bad taste in our mouth. They came in last year and owned us,” said SU junior faceoff man Jakob Phaup. “We’ve been waiting for this game for awhile. And I think we’re going to come in hot and heavy and prove a point, for sure.”

Bubble Watch: Breaking down every team in at-large contention (NBC Sports)

SYRACUSE (NET: 66, NBC: Off the bubble): The Orange fell to 13-9 on the season with a loss at home to Duke (9) on Saturday. That’s now two straight losses for Jim Boeheim’s team after they had won five games in a row. They do have three Quad 1 wins, but they have yet to beat a single top 50 team this season. This is not a terrible loss, but for a team that is already trying to make up ground on the field, these are the kind of losses that really hurt.

What’s in a number? Syracuse players explain their jersey choices (The Athletic)

10, Howard Washington: I used to wear 8. I have worn 10 since I was young. Johnny Flynn, a former Cuse guy, played two seasons here and played in the NBA. He’s from near Buffalo, where I am from, and he was a McDonald’s All-American. I would see him play when he was young. He’s one of my favorite players. Tyler Ennis played one season at Syracuse; he wore No. 10 too. So I just started wearing it myself.

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