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Syracuse Basketball Podcast: Orange vs. Georgia Tech preview/Dior Johnson

We’re joined by recruiting reporter Jake Weingarten, from

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Call it a wrap. The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball season officially went off the rails against Louisville in a blowout loss that capped the Orange’s ability to build an at-large bid for March Madness. Elijah Hughes’ incredible season and efforts through injury against Florida State and Louisville will only register as a blip in the program’s history on the way to the NIT, unless they can pull off a stunning ACC Tournament victory. We aren’t holding our breath anymore.

Three issues undermined this Syracuse season: aimless fouling, defensive rotations and rebounding. We dug into how all three led to a 1-5 stretch, and Jim Boeheim’s epic rant against KenPom that was probably meant for NunesMagician. While the statistical hate didn’t register with many, Boeheim hit on some valid points earlier in his Louisville presser. So we played agree/disagree, before previewing the Yellow Jackets’ trip to Syracuse after allowing 97 points to the Orange in Atlanta. Don’t count on that kind of game against streaking Georgia Tech this time around.

We wrapped with recruiting reporter Jake Weingarten, who’s known Dior Johnson since he was in elementary school. Johnson could change the prospects of Syracuse recruiting as one of the program’s largest gets since Carmelo Anthony. Will he bring help? Will he come period? What’s this mean for the future of the coaching staff. Find out at the end of the show.

  • 0:00-3:03 Slam the door on the NCAA Tournament for Syracuse
  • 3:03-16:35 Agree/disagree Jim Boeheim press conference and KenPom
  • 16:35-26:30 The three big issues that undermined this Orange season
  • 27:00-30:00 Wine time
  • 30:00-36:00 Georgia Tech preview
  • 36:00-53:40 Dior Johnson and the future of Syracuse recruiting with Jake Weingarten

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