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Troy Nunes is An Absolute Livestream: Less-than-ideal basketball + Syracuse football staff changes

Actual basketball news + football recruiting = lots to talk about

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

For what looked to be a slow week, with only the Syracuse Orange basketball team taking to the hardwood, there ended up being a lot of action in and around the Dome and Manley this week.

In the latest iteration of multimedia Syracuse Orange and Nunes content, Andy and Steve decided to take to the video medium, with a SportsCastr stream, to try and straighten out some of the questions that arose out of this week on both of the Dome surfaces.

Some of the topics touched on during the broadcast:

  • Syracuse Lacrosse: A Good thing!
  • Syracuse Basketball: That was a rough week
  • Also Syracuse Basketball: Let’s talk guard play
  • Syracuse Football: What’s up with 2021 recruiting?
  • Way-too-early Syracuse Football Predictions!

We hope that you guys can check it out, and know Andy’s Pittsburgh gear isn’t because he’s a Pitt fan.

We’ll try and keep this casual and want to hear your feedback on the stream and any comments you have on the broadcast. Also, feel free to let us know what you’d like us talk about either here in the comments or as things come up, on Twitter at @acpregler and @dutchhart.

Nunes SportsCastr Streams: