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New Year’s news and notes from the ‘Whiz-Bang Weekly’

Let’s put 2020 to bed

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Syracuse
“No more candy. It’s too close to dinner”
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As we get ready to put 2020 to a close and hopefully get some Syracuse Orange games back soon. While we wait let’s skip the tired resolutions and whirl around the college sports world instead shall we?

With news that the NCAA has trademarked “Mask Madness” let’s hope that Jim Boeheim won’t lose any wins when he refuses to ditch his clear mask for the NCAA corporate-sponsored version

Speaking of losing John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. That’s it, that’s the joke

Could be worse for Coach Cal he could be Sean Miller who just had to announce a post-season ban for his Wildcats....well they won’t be his Wildcats for long as he’s going to be sweating on another sideline next season Bunky

Wichita State v Arizona Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Jim Boeheim said he won’t schedule Buffalo again because of excessive trash talk. Crazy that a guy who has been around Derrick Coleman, Dion Waiters and Eric Devendorf hadn’t heard worse. Maybe the lack of fans meant Boeheim was hearing the media questioning his substitution pattern

Note to media folks maybe you should wait for players to be hitting over 30% of their 3-pt attempts before you use any of the following to describe their shooting: “knock-down”, “pure stroke”, “elite”, or “deadly”

If candy is the secret to Quincy Guerrier’s success this year then I hope the Boeheim family holiday shopping was done at Speach and Hercules Candy shops. Shop local folks and tell them your favorite ole scribe sent ya!

I was going up for thirds of the Christmas roast when Alan Griffin knocked away my plate from behind. Got to go strong to the dish if you want to succeed

Could be a very busy spring under the roof of the Stadium not named after an air conditioning company based in Connecticut. You’ve got men’s and women’s hoops and lacrosse and the way Spring takes it’s time getting to CNY we could see the Orange futbol squads making their way indoors as well

Brian Kelly claimed that Notre Dame is “always knocking” in the title hunt but reporters forgot to mention that he continued saying “sometimes we end up stuck in the port-a-potty and that knocking becomes more like a desperate pounding to get us out of there”

Wonder if Kelly’s spent some of his free time in Arlington trying to convince Jerry Jones to slide some cash to Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith to make them ineligible for the Rose Bowl semifinal

In the other semifinal THE Ohio State Buckeyes have spent the week sparring with Dabo: Thumb Warrior accusing the Clemson sidelines of stealing their signals. If Ohio State loses again maybe Ryan Day will take after his mentor Urban and say he needs a mental break

Ohio State could also petition the Big Ten to try and change yet another rule for their benefit. Maybe they can insist any coaches with sons playing must sit in the stands

Congratulations- you’ve just been traded to the San Diego Padres

Last thing- If you’re one of the 6,500 people they let into a Buffalo Bills playoff game do us all a favor and go back home and stay there for 10 days. The last thing we need is some Zubaz-wearing knucklehead costing us more ACC basketball games.