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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse men’s basketball pauses again

Plus Garrett Shrader talk


One last episode to close out what’s been a truly accursed year on multiple levels. Appropriately, we found out that the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team will have its second pause in the last month or so, which means you need to cruise through the rest of the holidays on the good vibes created by SU’s early offensive play.

Some of the specific topics of this episode...

  • Alright, so we get into it about the College Football Playoff’s flaws for a bit
  • Talking about what Garrett Shrader adds to SU
  • We all know Quincy Guerrier’s going pro, right?
  • Another pause for Syracuse shows the continued issues with college basketball this year
  • Imploring Boise State to try out being an independent in football
  • What worked great vs. Buffalo and could work going forward for the Orange
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