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It’s time for Syracuse football to wake up the echoes with a Rhino crash

Let him loose in South Bend

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Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

As the Syracuse Orange have gone through a season where three quarterbacks have started games a cry has gone up from the fans. They want to see someone new under center when the Orange travel to South Bend to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and we agree. No it’s not Dillon Markiewicz we’re calling for, we want Dino Babers to think bigger, much bigger.

That’s right- Rhino Time!

Chris Elmore has been ready and willing to step into any role since coming to Syracuse. He’s played tight end, fullback, nose tackle and when the Orange needed him this Fall he suited up on the offensive line and kept the team playing throughout the Fall. Now with the season coming to a close why not give the man who did what the team wanted the chance to do what the fans (ok us) want?

Forget the wildcat. We want to wake up those famed Notre Dame echoes with the Rhino Crash Offense (trademark pending). We want to see some RPOs in South Bend- that’s Rhino Pass Options. Let’s see Elmore throw a short pass then charge forward to throw a lead block. Get him on the edge and see if the Notre Dame defensive backs are ready to face him as he charges down the grasslands.

This season has been really tough to watch so we can only imagine what it’s been like for the players who have put up a fight each week despite the mounting losses. Here’s an opportunity to give a national spotlight to a player who exemplifies the Ohana Babers preaches.

It’s not just Babers who noticed the example Elmore set as yesterday’s player press conferences confirmed. First check out what Nykeim Johnson had to say.

and now Taj Harris

Now we’re talking Taj. This is no slight to Rex Culpepper, Markiewicz, Luke MacPhail or David Summers. Maybe there will be some snaps for you guys to feed on after the Rhino’s had his fill.

Do it Dino. What do we have to lose? Let Elmore loose so we can all yell “Rumble, young man, rumble”