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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Boston College

As has been the case all season, you’ll need a drink or two on Saturday.

Wales Enters Circuit Breaker Lockdown At 6pm Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Maybe you’ve been skipping Syracuse Orange football games these past couple weekends. But that’s not how we do things here. We’re watching every second, even as the losses pile up, with a little help from our friend, beer.

Whether you’re imbibing before, during or after Saturday’s 2 p.m. ET kickoff vs. the BostoN College Eagles (it’s on your local RSN or streaming on ESPN3), we’ve provided some local and not-so-local beer recommendations below. Fair warning in advance: You won’t be able to acquire at least one of these.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Woodland Farm Brewery Remsen Social Club

A malty, carmel, dark lager that drinks with a light body? You found yourself a dunkel. Similar to my personal favorite schwarzbier, dunkels are light bodied malty, dark beer that drink very smooth. Remsen Social Club is a solid one, out of the Utica area’s Woodland Farm Brewery. The brewery, located in Marcy, started up in 2015 and has expanded to include food and drink on site, as well as a plethora of solid brews. The beer is named after a local bluegrass-ish band that is well known in the area, and also hails from my hometown, so that’s always a plus.

Boston College Area Beer Pick: Tree House JJJULIUSSS!

Tree House is not in Boston, but in Charlton (nearly 50 miles away from BC’s campus). Though since we usually expand the footprint a bit for these, it’s fine.

Tree House’s wide array of hazy IPAs are pretty well-known around the East Coast (and the beer trading circuit), and while it’s hard to choose the “best” one, JJJULIUSSS! certainly does a great job competing for the title. It’s soft, sweet and smooth, yet loaded with hoppy character. There are citrus notes all over, but a dank quality as well that helps stop that from overpowering. JJJULIUSSS! is obviously juicy, as most Tree House IPAs are. But in this particular case, you’re just getting a complete saturation of fruit notes, all created by a liberal use of hops.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Firestone Walker Feral Vinifera

Like Tree House above, this pick also has a caveat. Firestone Walker has large brewing facilities in both Buellton and Paso Robles, but neither is right next to L.A. However, they also have a location in Marina del Rey, so they qualify for this article.

Feral Vinifera is a wild ale fermented with white wine grapes. Working with Andrew Murray Vineyards (in California’s Santa Ynez Valley near Buellton), Firestone produced this fermented grape/beer hybrid that finds a perfect blend of both the arts of wine and beer. It’s oaky and dry, fruity and sharp. You can taste the care that goes into this fantastic blended drink. Perhaps dangerously, it clocks in at 9.8% ABV yet drinks much easier. It’s well worth the effort to locate this annual release.

How about you? What are you drinking this weekend?