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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. Boston College preview

Yes, SU lost again last week. But they may have found a path forward at the QB position.


The Syracuse Orange football team has been racking up losses of late. But in the most recent one, they may have found a capable new option at quarterback. Now the biggest question: Is Dino Babers willing to turn the page when the Orange face the Boston College Eagles?

Some of the specific topics of this episode —

  • Not starting JaCobian Morgan basically punts on this season
  • All hope isn’t lost because SU’s defense is still playing pretty well
  • Young skill position players we’re looking forward to seeing more in November
  • BC’s coaching change had some success built in, and some low-key questions now
  • Are the Eagles going to unleash David Bailey against the Orange on Saturday?
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